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Queensway Services LTD since 2002 year has been providing clients with qualified Georgian seafarers, with permanent and highly rewarding job opportunities. We maintain one of the largest pools of highly qualified, motivated and dedicated seafarers in Georgia. Who are equipped to meet the demanding needs of their roles. We are proud to be working without intermediaries and in accordance with all the international standards.

All the seafarers are selected based on customers requirements through our own pool. To be registered in the company a seafarer must fill the application form AT THE OFFICE or online and successfully pass required interview with representatives of "Queensway Services Ltd".

Seafarers prefer to work with "Queensway Services Ltd" because:

With "Queensway Services Ltd" you get stable and permanent job with perspectives of career growth!

With "Queensway Services Ltd" the seafarers are provided with unique bonus system which guarantees that for each contract your revenues will grow. The more you work with "Queensway Services Ltd" the more you earn!

With "Queensway Services Ltd" you do not have any financial expenses relating to your employment!

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We pay utmost attention to the international quality standards and make it our goal not only to comply with, but also to continuously seek ways to overcome and set new practices in crewing process. We constantly improve quality of our services.

We were successfully certified in accordance with ISO-9001:2015 requirements and received the BVQI Certificate No: UA 227584 from 21 October, 2014 (original certification date 30 November 2005) with scope "Crew Recruitment".

Also since 4 April 2013 the company obtained Attestation of Compliance with Standard for Quality Management System of Seafarer Manning Offices and Regulation 1.4 of the Maritime Labor Convention on voluntary basis.

"Queensway Services Ltd" holds a Recognition Certificate of Crewing Company of Georgian Maritime Administration from 25 April 2013 with scope "Provision of Recruitment and Placement Services in Ship Crew Manning".

The company meets the requirements of all relevant international laws and regulations. Our criteria for selection of seagoing personnel for our clients are based on the IMO STCW Convention 1978 as amended, our long-time experience in the field, customer's requirements and all national and international standards.

Queensway Services Ltd is committed to provide qualified, certified and medically fit seafarers in accordance with National and International rules and regulations, which consistently and continuously meets the requirements of its customer.

Conformance with applicable and statutory requirements, International Legislation and National Requirements. To meet Customer requirements as defined in the relevant Contract Agreement and to meet their requirements. Maintain appropriate seamen's pool to response effectively to customer's requirements. Monitoring and measuring the adequacy of the services provided.

Queensway Services Ltd, is the only crewing agency with multi-international customers, with a variety type of ships, and with the biggest pool of the most experienced seamen.

Queensway Services Ltd, is the only crewing agency that can provide the best qualified, certified and medical fit seafarers to its customers, and is a crewing agency that can fulfilled any customer requirement.

Through sound management practices, empowered employees, continual improvement based on customers feedback, formal training methods, quality and safety management system principles, double-loop feedback, cross-matrix communication and a clear vision for the future.


High professional quality of our services are assessed and proved by Bureau Veritas awarded to our Office Certificate of Quality Management System Conformity ISO 9001:2015.

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All sea staff recruited by our company hold valid certificates, licenses, endorsements, and all other necessary documents required by STCW 78 as amended and customer additional requirements.

We keep the validity of the crew documents under our constant control and ensure them to be revalidated in due time. "Queensway Services Ltd" leads a strict policy of sending the seafarers to upgrade courses to Batumi State Marine Academy?s Seafarers Training and Certification Centre to revalidate the documents and works in close cooperation with other training centers.

In addition offers in-house training programs that include:

MLC 2006 Familiarization

Incident investigation and Risk Assessment

Solas Training Manual

SEAGULL e-learning courses

CES 6.0

Cyber Security

Garbage Management Plan

MARPOL/Environment protection

SOPEP / SMPEP, etc. and can adjust its training program to Customer Requirements.

We work close with:

Batumi State Marine Academy - cadets as apprentices and future employees, STCW 78 as amended special training and certification

"JSC Seafarers Medical Centre 2010", which provides us with physical examination, vaccinations, drug and alcohol control, medical treatment of seamen.

Training of our Seafarers is a continuously quest of improving services to our clients.

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Queensway Services Ltd. is committed to providing qualified, certified and medically fit seafarers in accordance with National and International rules and regulations, which consistently and continuously meets the requirements of its customers.

This is achieved by establishing and implementing managerial and operational processes which have been emerged from the combination of sound managerial principles and long last experience in crew recruitment.

We are cooperating with the following Clients:

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We always ready to cooperate with talented,experienced and skilled seamen.If you are interested to join our family please download Application form below,fill up accordingly and send back to us.

We'll consider CV contact you shortly.

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